Ordering insurance online includes 3 main steps according to the following diagram:

Instructions for ordering, paying, and delivering the insurance policy/certificate

View information and order:

  • You visit the website, find the insurance product that suits your needs, view detailed product information, then click the [Charge & order] to start entering information and placing orders.
  • You enter the information the website requires, then view the premium, customize the terms and conditions to adjust the fee, then proceed to the payment step.


Currently CVI is supporting two forms of payment for customers ordering insurance through the website:

  • Direct cash collection: This form only applies to auto insurance and other types of insurance with total order value over 5 million. If you choose this method, CVI will send staff directly to the address you request to issue the Certificate of Insurance and collect cash.
  • Prepaid Payment: This form of payment applies to all remaining products. With this form, CVI requires you to pay money in advance to CVI's account, then CVI will issue a Certificate of Insurance. Currently CVI is supporting the following prepaid forms:

Certificate of Insurance:

After you have ordered insurance and selected a payment method (and make payment if prepaid), CVI will issue a Certificate of Insurance in one of the following ways:

  • Delivery of Certificates directly at home: If your order is worth more than 5 million or you buy auto insurance products, you can choose the payment method. Cash payment and delivery of Certificate of Insurance at home. CVI staff will come to the address you request to issue the Certificate of Insurance and collect cash.
  • Submit Certificate of Insurance: In other cases, CVI will send the Certificate of Insurance in one of two ways:
    • Send by courier in hard copy: If the Certificate has only a hard copy (for example, civil liability insurance for motorbikes, cars) or If you have a mandatory requirement to have a hard copy (for example to apply for a Tourist Visa), CVI will send the Certificate of Insurance by courier within 24 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, etc.) New Year's Day) for you.
    • Email electronic version: If the Certificate of Insurance does not require a hard copy and you do not request a hard copy, CVI will send it Paper electronic insurance certificate to your registered email. Using the Electronic Certificate of Insurance you can receive immediately after paying the premium. Electronic insurance certificate recognized by CVI as valid as the Certificate of Insurance in hard copy with the seal and signature of an authorized officer of CVI.

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