Protecting the individuality and privacy of customers is the highest priority of Cambodia - Vietnam Insurance PLC (CVI). As a provider of insurance products, we fully comply with the laws and regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam regarding the protection and security of your privacy and information security.

  • Whether you are an existing, new or potential customer, we treat the same with the highest level of confidentiality of the information you have provided.
  • We never sell the information you provide.
  • We only use and share a limited amount of the information you provide on this website to provide the insurance products or services you request from the website.
  • We do not provide the information you have provided to third parties for marketing purposes, except with your permission.

Disclosure of CVI's use of information.

At CVI, we collect information about you, which can be used to provide products or services that we think you will be interested in and allow. Some of the information you provide may be undeclared and only known to you, this information we will collect in the course of communication and transactions between you and us, or our website. us, or information we collect from a third party, or information from other sources. All these collection processes are legal.

Information We Collect About You

The information we collect about you includes the information you provide to us when you register to buy a product or use a service, on the internet, by phone or through other means. other. This information may include: name, address, phone number, email, vehicle information, driver's license, marital status, spouse information, information about children, ...

Information we make public

The information we collect from you is only made public upon request from legal authorities or with your consent.

We may provide information about you to member insurance companies, insurance agents in the same system of Cambodia - Vietnam Insurance PLC, reinsurance companies, organizations supporting other insurance companies. insurance company (as required by law).

We may provide minimal information to partners who process transactions on our behalf, for example companies that support online payments.

Safe and secure environment

The information we collect from you is only made public upon request from legal authorities or in other cases with your consent.

CVI is committed to the highest level of confidentiality and ensures the security of the information you provide from unauthorized access. For example, we use encryption technology to protect information and only allow third parties to access this information, which is sufficient to provide insurance products and services.

Review and adjust information about you

As a holder of insurance policies ordered through CVI's website, you can always review information about yourself at, or Ask via call center 18009456 of CVI. All customers have the right to know what information is held by CVI, to change this information, to know which information is confidential and which information has been made public by CVI.

We may provide information to CVI member insurance companies or insurance agents in the same system, reinsurance companies, organizations supporting insurance companies ( according to regulations of the Law). We may provide minimal information to partners processing transactions on our behalf, e.g. companies that facilitate online payments.