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Our Products and Services

The information and content of this website is for general reference purposes only and is not described as the terms, conditions and exceptions applicable to the products and services offered by CVI on the website. this website. All insurance terms and conditions for insurance products provided by CVI on this website are subject to the Insurance Rules and the attached and amended supplementary terms and conditions. All products and services offered by CVI on this website are within the scope of the law.

Risk assessment and status check before issuing an insurance policy

In the insurance products sold on the website, we have to check the condition of the car before issuing the application. The inspection and recording of the status quo before issuing the application is done in accordance with the regulations of BIDV Insurance Corporation. For other products we do not require a risk assessment and condition check before issuing an application.

The operator of BIDV Insurance Corporation will be the person to contact you according to the appointment schedule provided by you when ordering on the website to check the condition of the vehicle. In the event that your vehicle does not pass our inspection, the operator will have to consider refusing to issue an insurance policy. If the operator is forced to refuse to issue the application, we will refund the money you have paid, however any additional costs such as the fee for transferring money via payment partners will be borne by you.

The following cases will be considered unsatisfactory vehicles:

  • The motor vehicle does not meet the conditions of the vehicle sold through the website, the vehicle has had an accident or the exclusion points of the motor vehicle guide ...
  • The information customers declare about the property on the website is not true to reality, and at the same time, the wrong declared information changes the total fee paid by the customer through the website.

In case the status check detects that the declaration of information is incorrect compared to the actual inspection, there are 2 ways to handle it as follows:

  • If incorrect information does not change the insurance coverage, premium: the operator will agree with you and correct it on the spot to issue an application, then report it to the website manager to record incorrect information.
  • If incorrect information changes the insurance coverage and premiums: operators need to discuss and get the consent of the website manager about the adjustment plan to be allowed to adjust and grant application.

Privacy and Password

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Disclaimer of warranties

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Authorization, Enforcement and Termination

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