Object of insurance:

Those who go sightseeing, Vacation, swimming, travel or stay at hotels, guest houses within the territory Vietnam.

Where the Insured Person survey, expedition, racing, horse racing, racing boat, competition with professional characteristics: soccer, boxing, rock climbing, surfing boards… are only covered provided that the prescribed premium premium has been paid
by CVI.

Insurance coverage:

Coverage includes the following risks:

  • Death, bodily injury by accident.
  • Death of sudden illness or illness within the insurance period.
  • Death or bodily injury caused by the Insured Person's act of saving people property of the state, of the people and participating in combating illegal acts.

In all cases, CVI's total domestic scheduled insurance damages indemnity (including all the above costs) does not exceed the sum insured / limit of liability indicated on the Certificate Get insurance.

Insurance benefits:

CVI will indemnify up to the sum insured / limit of liability indicated on the Certificate of Insurance.

Currently on the website CVI sells a limit of responsibility per person ranging from 10 to 50 million.

Premium schedule:

Insurance premium / person = 0.015% x Sum insured x Number of days of travel

For example: Group of 100 people, traveling in the country for 10 days, buying liability insurance 50 million / person - & gt; Total cost = 100 x 0.015% x 50 million x 10

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