Coupon User Guide

What is a Coupon?

  • Coupon is an anonymous coupon that states a discount for a specific product, service, or promotion. Discounts on Coupons usually come in one of two forms: an absolute money discount or a percentage discount on the product value. Coupons are usually valid for a specific period of time.

What are the features of CVI's coupons on the website?

  • This is a Coupon of the website specially issued by CVI for customers of the online insurance channel.
  • Customers can only use this Coupon to receive discount offers when buying insurance via website
  • Coupon of website is usually sent to customers by CVI via email, customers receive Coupons. (Coupon) is responsible for keeping confidential the information on the Voucher to use for the future purchase of insurance.

What are the characteristics of a website's coupon form?

Coupon is sent by CVI via email with the following email format:

Coupon form of website

Customers using Coupons only need to get information about Coupon code written on the card to enter into the website.


How to use Coupon on website ?

Assuming that you have received the Coupon of the website via email, you perform the following steps to use the card and receive a discount on the insurance premium. :

Step 1: View information, charge and order

You visit the website to view information about insurance products, calculate premiums for insurance products you intend to buy.

Step 2: Enter "Coupon Code"

At the step of charging when ordering on the website, you will see the interface to enter Coupon as shown below

Interface with discount card input link


Click on the link/image "Enter the discount code to get a discount", the coupon code input interface

Use Coupon - Step 2< /p>

You enter Coupon Code, then press the [Check Code] button. If your Coupon Code is valid, the website will display detailed information about the Coupon, please click [Use coupon] to update information about discounts on billing and purchase orders.

Some notes when using Coupons:

  • Each Coupon can only be used once per order. Where you have entered a Coupon Code in an order, even if you have not paid for the order, your Coupon will also be considered used.
  • Coupon can only be used individually for each order, multiple coupons cannot be used for multiple orders.


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