(10:38 09/09/2019)

Many people think that buying health insurance is a waste, not necessary because it must be used, or maybe go to the doctor once a year. However, life is always full of surprises and accidents, you cannot avoid anyone, not to mention your health will decrease with time and age. No one dares to claim that the cost for such situations is "not worth much" even for many families, it is also a burden. A CVI Tam An health insurance package with a fee of less than 3 million VND / year can help you avoid that bad scenario for 3 reasons.

1, Meeting 5-star hospital needs

If you want to experience international standard medical services at major hospitals such as Vinmec, Viet Phap, Thu Cuc, Tam Anh, ... then health insurance is the right choice. This product is covered in many health facilities, both public and private, with a rather high limit. Benefit 100% (no co-insurance applied) up to 1 billion VND for accident benefit, 9 million VND / day in inpatient hospital and 2.5 million VND / outpatient visit.

2, No more "referral of insurance" concern

CVI Tam An Health Insurance applies to all medical facilities, hospitals and clinics licensed nationwide. In particular, unlike health insurance, health insurance does not distinguish between the right level or the opposite level regardless of whether you visit the local or central level from the beginning. You can easily enter the service clinic and get out of the crowds and wait for your turn at the social insurance clinic.

3, National hospital fee guarantee system

Most insurance companies are affiliated with a network of hospitals. Accordingly, when visiting or staying at these hospitals, you may not need to use cash. The insurance company will apply for a hospital fee guarantee, deducting the insurance benefits against medical expenses you must pay.

Currently, the system of affiliated hospitals at CVI has reached hundreds of medical facilities nationwide. You can completely rest assured treatment without having to worry about financial problems.

4, Buy insurance online within 30 minutes

No need to leave the house, just visit the website www.baohiemtructuyen.com.vn , choose an insurance plan, order and pay online premiums to receive an e-Insurance Certificate (worth the equivalent of a hard copy) within 30 minutes.

5, Great deal:

Insurance companies also often offer attractive promotions for customers who buy health insurance.

At CVI, the Golden Day of Health program taking place on the first Monday of 5,6,7 and 10, 11 and 12, 2019 will give you 20% premium (equivalent value the highest is 3,278,000 VND) when joining health insurance at CVI via online channel

For more information about the program, please contact hotline 19009456 or visit website www .baohiemtructuyen.com.vn .