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What could be better than when you are going to have a trip with a close group of friends, not in Vietnam but in a far away country! In order not to be "surprised in the middle of a strange place", do not forget to prepare all your luggage before your trip. Surely there will be an indispensable list of long lists such as air tickets, hotel rooms / motels, transportation and visa procedures, ... What about travel insurance, have you thought of? Maybe you do not know, so CVI will reveal to you some useful information about travel insurance when you go abroad:

1. Is required when applying for a visa to some countries

When applying for a visa to some countries in the European Union, the United States, Australia, Japan ... you may be required by the Embassy of that country to purchase a full international travel insurance benefits (for accident, illness, illness, medical assistance, travel assistance ...) with a specific level of compensation. And then, you must also choose to buy insurance with the right amount of insurance

For example:

- When applying for a Visa to Europe (Schengen Area): Embassies often require to buy international travel insurance with a minimum benefit of 30,000 EUR or 50,000 USD. You can choose to purchase CVI Travel Care from the Comprehensive plan upwards.

- When applying for a visa to the US, Australia or Japan: Depending on the case, Embassies may require a minimum benefit of 10,000 USD or 20,000 USD. You can choose to participate from the Basic package upwards depending on the Embassy requirements.

2. A "savior" before unexpected difficulties

No matter how carefully you plan, it is difficult to foresee unexpected risks such as natural disasters, epidemics ... or subjective risks like you suddenly having a cold, sick or unfortunate happened during the journey. At this point, travel insurance will be your "savior". For example, in the event of an emergency accident, you will be able to access the 24/7 International SOS global medical and rescue services linked to CVI, you will be reimbursed by CVI for medical expenses. due to the risks mentioned above. CVI Travel Care pays up to 4 billion VND, while the premium is very reasonable, only from less than 1 USD / day. Travel insurance will help you feel more secure about health problems during your trip; In addition, it also saves you a lot of medical expenses when there is a risk.

3. Helps you reduce "stress" in force majeure situations

If you are a "tourist", surely you will not be unfamiliar with the scene of waiting for hours tired because the flight is delayed or canceled or there will be some unfortunate situations such as lost luggage, stolen property, ... At times like that, your mood will inevitably be stressed, even stress, affecting the quality of the trip. But if you already have travel insurance, your mood will be relieved easily as CVI will reimburse all of those costs for you.

With such useful information, you should immediately visit vn to book travel insurance for my trip!

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